Cocaco Symposium on Health and Immigration

Theme : Health and Immigration: keys for a successful well being.

Argument: Numerous researches have recently highlighted a systematic deterioration in the health of immigrants in Canada. Studies published in the Canadian Cardiovascular Journal show an increase in the risk factors associated with heart disease and stroke in immigrants who lived in Ontario in particular and in Canada in general for 15 years and more. This is an area where the lack of prevention has increased the potential for danger. It seems as the more immigrants spent time in Canada, the more chronic conditions are detected. Experts believe however that a healthy lifestyle helps to lead a healthy life. To discuss this issue, COCACO brings together a panel of experts in a number of cutting-edge healthcare areas that will provide insight and tools to improve health and quality of life. This conference, which takes place as part of International Women’s Day, will be entirely organized by women.

here? :  Sandy Hill Community Center located at 250 Somerset east

 When ?  March 11th, from 2.30 to 5.30 PM

 Panel :

Dr. Salomon Fosting, MD holds doctorate in medicine and a diploma in psychology at the University of Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France. He is currently under two universities affiliations: 1) as a lecturer in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa and in the Nursing Department at UQO; 2) an affiliation in research as a research project coordinator at the Research Institute of Montfort Hospital. Dr. Fosting presentation will focus on Diabetes prevention and treatment.

 Dr. Bruno Sontia, IA / RN, MSc, PhD is a nurse in medicine & surgery. Bruno is a clinical researcher in the Faculty of Health Sciences and a renowned researcher whose work is authoritative in the fields of hypertension. He has played a leading role in several multidisciplinary health research teams. Dr. Sontia’s talk will focus on hypertension.

Caroline Kuate, BSc, M.S. is a Health Environment specialist. She is currently Program Manager-Environmental Health at Eastern Ontario Health Unit. Caroline is a self-made woman who has climbed many levels in the health field. She started as a caregiver before becoming a Public Health Inspector and then a Public Health Manager. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in health and safety and a master’s degree in environmental health and toxicology. Caroline Kuate will talk about prevention, particularly with regard to Caroline Kuate is going to talk about prevention, particularly with regard to the way we are handling food management.

Rose Caddy Nwaha, BSc, NSG, RN, holds a Bachelor degree in Nursing Sciences. She has more than half a dozen years’ experience in nursing with specialization in surgery, mother and child care and community health. She will talk about silent killers like cardiovascular disease, prevention, the need for changes in daily habits.

Olivia Meyia Takoukam, BA, MA, is a professional blogger and digital technology expert with a focus on social media and customer engagement. With more than 5 years of experience in defining digital and social media strategies, she has always created enriching experiences with positive spin-offs for her clients. Olivia will act as the host of the ceremony and debate moderator.

Good to know:

  • There is free parking
  • A light meal of tasty African dishes will be served after the conference.
  • There is also a daycare service free of charges for those with young children